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Rio Power CO₂+ Reactor & Surface Skimmer
Rio Algae Scraper


• The best efficiency in filtration to keep crystal-clear water.
• Combine the mechanical, the chemical and the biological filter media together in order to filter impurities, remove color, odors and decompose organisms by microbe.
• Adjustable flow valve to adjust flow and dissolved oxygen for creature growing.
• Super silent submersible motor with wheel and easy to maintain, see through filtering box for easy observation.
• Motor sleeve make by PPS plastics, protect the sleeve nondeformable in high temperature.
 • Motor and filter body make by integrated, modeling is aesth tic and no to leak of water.


• Hang the power filter in the desired position on the aquarium.
• Fill the main body of the filter with water and cover.
• Verify the aquarium is full.
• Plug directly to a GFI outlet.
• Adjust water flow with the control valve.
• Change the filter cartridge every 4-6 weeks.
• For indoor use only!

Model Watts Flow Rate
( LPH )
L x W x H
HOB-300 3.5 4.5 260 10.5 x 5 x 15.5 cm 1 pc 25~40cm
HOB-400 4.5 5.5 380 19 x 5 x 15.5 cm  2 pcs 35~50cm
HOB-500 5 6 500 25.5 x 5 x 16.5 cm 3 pcs 45~60cm
HOB-700 6 7 650 31.5 x 5 x 16.5 cm 4 pcs 55~70cm

Part List

  1. Filter Lid 7. U-Pipe  
  2. Adjustable Flow Valve 8. Connector Pipe  
  3. Triple Filter Cartridge 9. Inlet Strainer  
  4. Filter Body 10. Bio Foam  
  5. Motor 11. Motor Shaft  
  6. Adjustable Holder    


Carbonized Filter Cartridge 

1. High-Quality Sponge
2. Activated Carbon
3. Biological Sponge


Replacement Part

.Disposable Carbon Filter Cartridge (1pc/pk.)
.Disposable Carbon Filter Cartridge (3pcs/pk)
.Pre-Filter (2pcs/pk)
.Bio Media (2pcs/pk)
.Carbon Cartridge (1pc/pk)
.Carbon/Zeolite Cartridge (1pc/pk)
.Bio Bead Cartridge (1pc/pk)

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