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Rio Power CO₂+ Reactor & Surface Skimmer
Rio Algae Scraper


• Consistent 360° Current Surge
• Variable Speed
• Energy Efficient Design
• Low Heat Operation
• Fully Submersible
• Quiet Operation
• Simple Installation and Maintennce
• Durable High-Impact 
• Plastic Construction
• No Programming Require
• Multi-Directional Duckbill Nozzle
• Cost Effective
• Non-mechanical simple design 

reduces breakage and replacement of parts
—No timer, no feed push-button delay,no selector switches during feedings or night modes, no electronic components.

NOTE: Pump is not included


The key to a healthy closed aquatic environment is circulated fresh or salt water. 
The high-performance, self-rotating, variable speed Rio® Motion circulates water, 
ensuring the stability of all systems by: 

• Increasing the exposed plant and animal surface area coming into contact with the light. 
• Eliminating areas of stagnant water. 
• Increasing the gas-exchange ratio. 
• Creating a randomly generated water motion, closely mimicking a natural surge pattern. 
• Stimulating growth by carrying nutrients to corals and plants. 
• Improving the ability of bateria to convert ammonia to nitrite and then to nitrate. 
• Providing necessary water movement for all corals and anemones. 
• Encouraging inhabitants to display their natural behavior. 
• Eliminating the use of complicated wave makers decreasing expenses. 
• Providing constant water flow, increasing pump life.
• Providing required turbulance for aiding in detritus removal. 
• Aiding in decreasing unwanted algae. 
• Providing maximum circulation and water motion.

The Rio motion is ideal for use in saltwater reef tanks, fresh and saltwater aquariums , and ponds with plants and fish requiring water surge. In addition, fish thrive in an environment with a constantly changing water flow. 

Vary your water current without any motors or gears. Rio motion’s unique design changes the direction of the water discharging in 360°. These units will adapt directly to Rio® water pumps or can be connected to ½in or ¾in pvc tubing. Will work with flow rates from 200 GPH to 2000 GPH

Item No. Description Dimension L x W x H Aquarium Size Weight
RM5705S Single Duck Bill Rotor 360° for Rio 400-800 ½in
RM5712D Double Duck Bill Rotor 360° for Rio 400-800 ½in
RM5729S Single Duck Bill Rotor for Rio 1100-3100 ¾in
RM5736D Double Duck Bill Rotor 360° for 1100-3100 ¾in
RK-133-4296 Dual Dir. Duck Bill Discharge Nozzle Rio 1100-3100

A Single Duck Bill Rotor 360°
for Rio Plus 400-800 ½in

B Double Duck Bill Rotor 360°
for Rio Plus 400-800 ½in

C Single Duck Bill Rotor
for Rio Plus 1100-3100 ¾in

D Double Duck Bill Rotor 360°
for Rio Plus 1100-3100 ¾in

E Dual Dir. Duck Bill Discharge Nozzle
for Rio Plus 1100-3100