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Rio Power CO₂+ Reactor & Surface Skimmer
Rio Algae Scraper


• Rain System for Extra Aeration
• Dual Biological Filters
• Carbon Filtration
• Quiet Operation
• Quick Filter Change
• For use in Freshwater, Plants, Reef andMarine Aquariums
• Flow up to 110 Gallons
• 400 Liters per Hour


An advance is small aquarium filtration as the Rio 110 is a four stages filter:

• A rain tray and wet/dry filter creates extra aeration and a strong biological filter.
• Quick change filter cartridge for mechanical filtration
• Activated carbon is built into the filter cartridge which removes toxins, discoloration and odor.
• The bio-foam creates extra biological filtration.

A feature unlike any other HOB filter is the option to add extra bio-bead media, carbon or carbon/zeolite to the filter by removing the bio-foam and replacing it with the needed media cartridge.

Flow rate of 110 gallons hour makes this filter is a perfect fit for aquarium kits up to 20 gallons.

Model Watts Flow Rate Dimensions
L x W x H
HOB110 4W 400LPH / 110GPH 16 x 18 x 6.5 cm


Part List

Replacement Part

.Disposable Carbon Filter Cartridge (1pc/pk.)
.Disposable Carbon Filter Cartridge (3pcs/pk)
.Pre-Filter (2pcs/pk)
.Bio Media (2pcs/pk)
.Carbon Cartridge (1pc/pk)
.Carbon/Zeolite Cartridge (1pc/pk)
.Bio Bead Cartridge (1pc/pk)

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