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Rio Power CO₂+ Reactor & Surface Skimmer
Rio Algae Scraper


• Multi-Purpose
• Easy to Clean
• Pre-Filters Made of Durable High-Impact Plastic
• Simple Installation & Maintenance
• Maximum Circulation
• High Flow Rates
• Energy Efficient
• Freshwater or Saltwater Use

The lowest wattage fountain and pond pumps in it class with flow rates starting at 144 GPH to 900 GPH, complete and ready to run.

Designed to be energy efficient, low heat operation and have high flow rates designed to keep electric bills low. Manufactured of durable high impact plastic and a ceramic shaft make the pumps reliable and long lasting.

Although the Rio pro fountain pumps deliver high flow rates they operate virtually silent. All units come ready to run with all parts needed for immediate installation. The larger pumps come equipped a T-valve and the power to operate both a fountain head and water can be diverted to a UV sterilizer or an additional filter.

These pumps are a perfect fit for the small pre-formed ponds and medium to large water features. 


Item. Watts Description
R+ 400 FFPi 10 550 LPH / 144 GPH Fountain Pump
R+ 600 FFPi 10 760 LPH / 200 GPH Fountain Pump
R+ 800 FFPi 13 800 LPH / 211 GPH Fountain Pump
R+ 1700 FFPo 33 2400 LPH / 642 GPH Fountain Pump
R+ 2100 FFPo 37 2600 LPH / 692 GPH Fountain Pump
R+ 2500 FFPo 55 2970 LPH / 782 GPH Fountain Pump
R+ 3100 FFPo 73 3400 LPH / 900 GPH Fountain Pump



Item No. Description Dimension L x W x H Aquarium Size Weight
R+ 400 FFPi
R+ 600 FFPi
R+ 800 FFPi
R+ 1700 FFPo
R+ 2100 FFPo
R+ 2500 FFPo
R+ 3100 FFPo


Part List

• Fountain Pump
• Pumps with a 16ft. cord
• Base for pump
• Three tier water fountain head
• Riser tube
• Three way valve
• Pro filter
• Water bell fountain head


Optional Parts

Part Number Description
Tee control valve
for 1700-2500
Pro filter conversion kit
Fountain head kit
Fountain head kit
1700-3100 HP
Single pro- filter replacement cartridge
Pond Pro-filter cylinder kit 2/pk
Replacement pro-filter 2/pk


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